Ad Supported Sanitizer Stations

● FREE Year Round Hand Sanitizer saves thousands of dollars!

● Makes Facilities SAFER from bacteria and infection.

● Alcohol or Alcohol Free hand sanitizer options available.

Reach Your Target Demographic

● Reach Your Target Demographic

● No more wasting money on advertising that doesn’t reach your target market.

● Ad-Supported Sanitizer Stations draw potential customers to your ad

● Increased Views Means Increased Sales!

Thank you for visiting North Shore Advertising. We are a professional advertising firm providing companies with the opportunity to target their specific demographic by using Ad-Supported Sanitizer Stations. These stations are placed in high traffic areas of our clients' facilities at eye level to ensure maximum exposure and a high rate of return for our advertisers.


Advertise in High Schools

Advertise your college or university to high school students for the entire school year (Approximately 500,000 views a year).


Advertise in Fitness Centers

Advertise supplements or neutraceutical products to your target market.


A True One Stop Solution

Reach your target market by advertising directly to your demographic.